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Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul
Learn about alternative medicine at our metaphysical store in Wyoming, MI

Improve Your Quality of Life with Holistic Treatment Options

Kadha LLC is a metaphysical store offering healing stones, holistic herbs and other holistic treatment options. Our goal is simple: to raise awareness on the efficiency of alternative medicine. We believe that our beautiful planet has gifted us with the tools we need to manage tough times. Through the use of crystals and other herbs, you can see improvement in your health and wellness.

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Yoga Meditation at Sunset Beach. Peaceful Woman relaxing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. India

Holistic therapy and alternative medicine are excellent tools to keep in your self-care arsenal. The products we sell are designed to help you.

  • Manage stressful emotions

  • Tap into your intuitive power

  • Connect with your higher self

  • Live a natural, more holistic life

Life is filled with many challenges. From relationships to financial woes, its hard to find peace. Incorporating holistic therapy and spiritual tools in your wellness practice is an excellent way to improve your quality of life. Kadha LLC has a wide selection of healing stones, herbs and plants- all designed to help you find peace and heighten your intuition.

Tumbled Stones

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Align Your Chakra's

Crystal meaning and Benefits

Brittany's mission is to offer a more holistic approach to help heal the mind, body and soul. She believes strongly in the holistic way of healing because it has helped her grow into the person she always knew she was.


Brittany has always wanted to own a small business but like so many she was unsure of her path. With a lot of hard work, determination and consistency she was able to open Kadha LLC, a metaphysical store in Wyoming, MI. Kadha offers the tools like Crystals, Herbs, Incense and much more to assist in healing your inner-self, mind, body and soul.

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